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Scott Spray's Autobiography:

Scott started playing bass as a kid in the mid-sixties, and has had quite a career. From early studio work handclapping and finger-snapping on two Harry Chapin albums, then playing bass on the Angela Clemmons hit "Give Me Just a Little More Time" (#4 Billboard Disco/ Dance charts), to tours and albums with artists such as: Edgar winter - Felix Cavaliere - Blues Brother Matt "Guitar" Murphy - Ronnie Spector - The Chambers Brothers - The Stylistics - Peter Criss - The Platters - The Drifters - The Coasters - The Marvelettes - John Sebastian - (You get the idea) --

To his work on television shows including: NBC`s "Today Show" themes (Bass + Backing vocals for the current show, + the past 6 years themes)- HBO`s "Sex In The City" (Bass+songwriter of some of the episodes background music)-ESPN`s Inside Baseball (Bass)- MSG Network Theme(Bass)--etc.... to his movie career!


After playing Bass + singing on the soundtrack for the Universal picture "One TrueThing" starring Meryl Streep, Renee Zellweger + William Hurt, Scott was asked to appear in the movie as himself playing Bass in the nite club scene + gets a nice close up! As a cast member in the film, Scott highly recommends it!

Now as a member of Johnny Winter`s band, he`s toured Europe + the USA this past year, and is busy cutting the tracks for Johnny`s new Virgin Records release which is due out soon. Scott is happy to report that he + Paul Nelson have written a song called "Shakedown" which has been recorded on Johnny`s new record.

Keep On Rockin` Scott Spray

Scott Spray also played in Edgar Winter's band (1979-1981), recorded "Standing on Rock".

1988 - 2003

Scott Spray co-wrote "Shakedown", "Pack Your Bags" and "I'm a Bluesman" together with Paul Nelson.

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