The Johnny Winter Story

Derringer - 1976

Derringer - 1976
Derringer - 1976

Blue Sky 81458 (LP)

Producer: Rick Derringer
Recorded: The Hit factory, New YOrk City


Derringer - 1976
Derringer - 1976


  1. Rick Derringer - guitar, lead vocal
  2. Danny Johnson
  3. Vine Appice
  4. Kenny Aaronson
  5. Edgar Winter - piano


  • Let me in
  • You can have me
  • Loosen up your grip
  • Envy
  • Comes a woman
  • Sailor
  • Beyond the universe
  • Goodbye again

Song Texts

Lyrics: LET ME IN

(Music by Rick Derringer/Lyrics by Cynthia Weil)
Let me in, sweet mama, it's your wanderin' boy Knockin' on your front door
Let me in, sweet mama, it's your bundle of joy Comin' home from his personal war
Open up dear darlin', it's your baby out here Beggin' you to forgive
Let mee in this minute, or mama 1 fear 1 won't find me no reason to live
I had my taste of freedom
And it tasted pretty bad
I swear it's a jungle out there
But it sure made me realize
What a good thing I had
Oh "good thing" please say you still care
Come on, sweet mama, let this child in your heart Back where he's always been
And 1 swear, ain't nothin' gonna tear us apart Won't you let me in
Baby let me in
Let me in
Honey let me in
Copyright 1976 by Derringer Music, Inc. and Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Inc. and.Summerhill Songs Inc. (BMI). Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.


(Music by Rick Derringer/Lyrics by Cynthia Weil)
I've survived disasters
Lived through all kinds of hell
Kept my head when braver men
Didn't do half as well.
But I am losing faith in me And I am losing heart
Cause comes a woman in my life
I always fall apart.
Comes a woman
I always love too hard
Care too much, drop my guard Comes a woman
I end up hangin' on
Comes a woman and she is gone
Right from the beginning We two ran true to form When I got heated up too hot
Well you cooled right down to warm I've seen it take this turn before And I know the end's in sight Cause comes a woman in my life It never turns out right
Comes the pleasure Comes the pain
Comes the sunshine Comes the rain
Certain cycles just seem to be
That's the way that it is with me

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