The Johnny Winter Story

Neal and the NewComers

Neal and the NewComers

Neal and the Newcomers was Jan Faggard on vocals, Edgar on keyboards and Johnny on guitar, the Newcomes broke forth with three hit singles

  • Night Ride
  • Lost Without You (Jan Faggard (aka Jon Foggard), BMI 911075, Beau-Tex Music Co)
  • How do you Live a Lie?( Jan Faggard (aka Jon Foggard), BMI 592241, Beau-Tex Music Co)
The singles were released under Jan Faggard's (aka Jon Foggard) name. Many would believe that due to the brothers being albino, a certain amount of discrimination led to them performing under alias names.

Neal and the Newcomers also recorded two instrumentals: Rockin 'Pneumonia / Reeling & Rocking on Hallway records


Band Members

  • Johnny Winter - Guitar, Vocals
  • Edgar Winter - Keyboards
  • Jon Foggard - Vocals

Compilation albums containing the songs:

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