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(Uncle) John Turner

Uncle John Turner - Drums

20-August-1944 - 26 July 2007+


"Uncle" John Turner aka Red Turner, Drums 1968-1970 and 1981

Uncle John Turner was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. John Turner first played drums with Jerry LaCroix. Uncle John Turner met the Winter brothers and performed with them a few times as a substitute. In 1968, Uncle John Turner convinced Johnny Winter to try a full blown blues band and sent for his friend Tommy Shannon to play bass. This group quickly got natonal recognition and began making records and shortly after that played Woodstock, with Edgar Winter as the fourth member.

In 1981 Uncle John and Johnny rejoined to work on the songs for the album: "Back in Beaumont" and to do a mini-tour.

The Progressive Blues Experiment.
Johnny Winter.
The First Album.
Second Winter.
Third Degree
Back in Beaumont

Albums with others

  • Entrance-Epic/w Edgar Winter
  • Rough and Ready--BlackTop/w Mike Morgan & the Crawl
  • Seventh Son--Orphan/w Alan Haynes
  • Before the Storm--I.A./w J.W.
  • Midnight Creepers-Collectibles/w Rocky Hill, Albert Collins, Kim Wilson, & Tommy Shannon
  • Before I Go--/wRoy Cox, Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton. "Banzai" LaRocca, Joel Duhon,etc.
  • I Can't Believe My Eyes--Palindrome/w Paul Orta (Uncle John sings 2)
  • Shake It (same as above, Uncle John sings1)
  • Tex-Mex Blues--P. Orta
  • Preachin the Blues--Angelwing/w Preacher Keen, featuring Alan Haynes, gtr.
  • No Cover/w Appa's Blues Power( Unc sings 2)
  • Sixth Street(same as above, Unc sings 5)
  • Southern Rock--CBS (various artists)
  • Tony Redman Band (unc sings 1)
  • Jan Gerfast--Second Coming (Sweden)
  • Cotton-eyed Joe and Other Dance Hall Favorites/w Isaac Payton Sweat and Joey Long Watch for DOC BLUES, a new Blues label from Austin.

Uncle John Turner, Tommy Shannon, Johnny Winter Photo

Uncle John Turner, Tommy Shannon, Johnny Winter Photo

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