The Johnny Winter Story

The Great Believers

The Great Believers

Although assumed by some die-hard Johnny Winter collectors, Johnny has never been a band-member of the "Great Believers" (this has been confirmed by Dave Russell)



An unreleased recording, The Ballad Of Bertha Glutz is actually a different version of The Great Believers' Comin Up Fast with different lyrics, vocals and a much heavier fuzz guitar line. It was recorded in Tyler, Texas.

Songs written by Amos Boynton include: Ballad of Bertha Glutz,and Tell Me.

The lyrics of Comin' Up Fast have been written by Dave Russell

The Great Believers also recorded another Johnny Winter composition, Easy Lovin' Girl, backing Roy Head.

Band Members:

  • Amos Boynton - Drums
  • Dave Russell - Keyboards vocals
  • Eddie - Lead guitar
  • Harold Fulton - Organ, keyboards
  • Ikey Sweat - Bass

Dave recalls:

Roy Ames had the music masters to "Coming Up Fast" and Russell lyrics were overdubbed at Walt Andrus Studios, located on S.Broadway in south-east Houston, Texas.

Johnny's guitar leads were featured on the master. "Ballad of Bertha Glutz" was deemed by Roy Ames to be 'crap' and had Russell rewrite lyrics to fit the music. (I secretly think Roy must have lifted the master from Huey Meaux's library, had Russell rewrite the Bertha Glutz tune, and was going to release "Coming up Fast" as an original song. Huey Meaux apparently owned the master of the Bertha Glutz tracks (including the Russell vocals - which did feature Fulton and Sweat on backup vocals- and reclaimed them from Roy Ames. Huey owned a lot of these remixes (including the 'Roy Head' version of 'Easy Lovin' Girl' and several others). Huey Meaux sold several tapes to Budha Records as "early Johnny Winter" tracks, sometime between 1967 and 1969. An album was released by Budha Records called 'Early Jonny Winter' The album was 'out-of-print' by the early 80's. My guess is they discovered it was in fact NOT Johnny Winter singing on these tracks and ceased distribution.

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