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Bobby Torello

Bobby Torello

Bobby Torello - Drums


Bobby Torello played drums during the period 1977 - 1983

Bobby T. a.k.a. Bobby Torello - drums. Bobby played with Johnny through much of the 80's including 2 albums. He recently got married and lives in the New Haven area of Ct and played "Blues Alley". Recently he recorded on the cd "Humble Spirits" with Sean Chambers.

Endorsements: Ludwig Drums
Age Group: Over 21
Styles: Rock, Blues, Country
Experience: 21 + Years
Studio/Production/Album Work, National

Bobby Torello and Johnny Winter

Artists Played or Recorded With: Michael Bolton, Johnny Winter, Grace Slick, Thunderhead, Black Oak Arkansas, and many more

National Concert Engagements: National Tours and two MTV Videos with Michael Bolton. Bobby T. has also done videos with Air Supply and John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazard.

Gateway College New Haven CT

Bobby T. plays guitar and sings. He has writen and produced several projects including his own. He is currently writing and recording more of his own material with Joe Melotti (Musical Director for Michael Bolton).

His current (2003) band is Bobby T's Electric Circus


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