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Bobby Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell (Drums/Percussion)


Bobby Cadwell started playing at the age of ten and by fourteen was playing professionally. At age nineteen, he was asked to join Johnny Winter's new super group "Johnny Winter AND" featuring Rick Derringer formerly of the McCoy's of "Hang on Sloopy" fame. This group produced the top twenty album "Johnny Winter And Live". This was Johnny Winter 's highest selling CBS album ever. You can also hear Bobby Cadwell on Johnny Winter 's "Saint's and Sinners" album. Rick Derringer then asked him to play on his first solo LP on CBS "All American Boy" which produced the now classic top ten hit "Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo".

After playing with Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer, Bobby Caldwell went on to form a band in 1972 with the members of "Iron Butterfly" including Lee Dorman, Rhino and Rod Evans. The band "Captain Beyond" toured briefly with the Allman Brothers in 1972 and included a show in Philadelphia. They have 3 albums out of which the first is some of the most progressive rock of it's day. For a complete biography on Bobby Caldwell and Captain Beyond, see: "The Myopic Void"

Joined Armagedon in 1973.

After leaving Johnny Winter, Bobby rejoined Johnny Winter to record Saints and Sinners in February 1974.

Today Bobby Caldwell is playing with a band called the Southern Rock Rebellion: the new Southern Rock Rebellion consists of former members of some of the most famous history-making Classic and Southern Rock bands of all times: Blackfoot, Johnny Winter And, The Outlaws, Captain Beyond and The Danny Joe Brown Band (from Molly Hatchet fame)!!

Discography of Bobby Caldwell

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