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Billy Branch on Harp Johnny Winter Story

Billy Branch - Harp

Born 3 October 1951 - Great Lakes, IL

Blues harmonica player Billy Branch grew up in the Los Angeles area. He started playing the harmonica at age eleven and even performed with Paul Butterfield. He came back to Chicago in 1969 to attend college. He started working with south side Blues bands in the 1970's, occasionally working as a sideman. During the 70's he worked with Oscar Brown, Jr., Jimmy Walker, Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. He played for a while with The Willie Dixon All-Stars. Branch currently plays with the group The Sons Of The Blues and is very active in the "Blues In Schools" program, teaching inner-city youngsters about the harmonica and Blues music. He has appeared on albums by Buster Benton, Eddy Clearwater, The Kinsey Report, Koko Taylor and many others.

Founder of the "Blues in the Schools" project, Handy Award winner.

Performed on: "Let me in", "Hey where's your brother", "Guitar Slinger" .


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