The Johnny Winter Story

Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill

Before the album "Texas Shuffle", Rocky Hill jammed together during one of Johnny Winter's concerts in 1973



CD Title: Texas Shuffle - 1989 - Tomato 2696542
Artist: Rocky Hill (brother of ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill)
Featuring Johnny Winter & Dr. John
Rocky Hill: Guitar, vocal
Donny Brooks: Harmonica
Johnny Winter: Guitar, vocal
Randy Sparks: Bass
Dr. John: Piano
Unknown: Drums
The Muscle Shoal's Horns
The Leon Russell Singers

  1. Rock ´n Roll
  2. Hootchie Cootchie Man (sic) (JW)
  3. Future Blues
  4. Fool for you
  5. Bad Girl Blues (yes, from JW´s "Third Degree"!) (JW)
  6. Blood Stream
  7. My Guitar
  8. Gimme The Gun
  9. Young Man
  10. Yes Indeed
  11. Preaching Blues
  12. Red Rooster Jam (JW)


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