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John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker 1971-2001



Biography of John Lee Hooker

Born Wednesday 22 August 1917 on a sharecropper farm south of Clarksdale, Coahoma County, Mississippi

Hooker´s first recording was done for manager Elmer Barbee in Detroit Saturday, 12 June 1948 - "Rocks"

Mr. Lucky - 1991 (*)

John Lee Hooker Mr Lucky

Original Release Date: 1991
Musicians: The Robert Cray Band; Keith Richards; Ry Cooder; Tom Waits; Van Morrison; Johnny Winter; Carlos Santana
Engineer: Sam Lehmer; Allen Side
Producer: Roy Rogers; Ry Cooder

John Lee Hooker, Mr Lucky, Buy It Online

1. I Want To Hug You
2. Mr. Lucky
3. Backstabbers
4. This Is Hip
5. I Cover The Waterfront
6. Highway
7. Strip Me Naked
8. Susie 4:23 - John Lee Hooker (guitar, vocals), Johnny Winter (guitar), Jeffrey Ganz (bass), Tom Compton (drums).
9. Crawlin' Kingsnake
10. Father Was A Jockey

Personnel includes: John Lee Hooker (vocals, guitar); Willie Green, Bobby King, Terry Evans (vocals); Albert Collins (guitar); John Hammond (slide guitar, harmonica); Ken Baker (saxophone); Booker T. Jones, Deacon Jones (organ); Johnnie Johnson (piano); Chester Thompson (keyboards); Nick Lowe, Maurice Cirdlin, Jeffrey Ganz, Larry Taylor (bass); Jim Keltner, Bowen Brown, Tom Compton, Gaylord Birch (drums); Karl Perazzo (timbales); Raul Rekow (congas).

MR. LUCKY is dedicated to the memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Whenever an old pop, rock or blues artist is joined by an all-star cast of guest musicians, it's usually to safe assume that the artist in question is pretty much a spent force. Fortunately, that is not the case with this wonderful 1991 album by blues legend John Lee Hooker. Even though the guest list includes Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Van Morrison, Nick Lowe, Keith Richards and Carlos Santana, Hooker is the driving force on this album from start to finish.

With his voice stronger and more assured than ever and his guitar playing right on the money, MR. LUCKY is arguably the best of Hooker's latter-day recordings. Even though Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner provide a serious groove on "This Is Hip" and Van Morrison and Hooker ooze bluesy soul on "I Cover The Waterfront," Hooker shows that he can deliver the goods without his all-star supporting cast on the down-and-dirty boogie of the opening track "I Want To Hug You" and the stark acoustic blues of "Highway 13."

John Lee Hooker - Face to Face

John Lee Hooker Face to Face

Eagle Records, released 28 October 2003

John Lee Hooker Face to Face, Buy It Online

Face to Face Tracks:

  1. Big Road - featuring Jack Casady & Warren Haynes
  2. Dimples - featuring Van Morrison and Elvin Bishop
  3. Loving People - featuring Bluz 4 U
  4. Face To Face - featuring Jack Casady & Johnny Winter
  5. Funky Mabel
  6. It Serves Me Right To Suffer - featuring Dickey Betts
  7. Up And Down - featuring Warren Haynes & Johnnie Johnson
  8. Mad Man Blues - featuring George Thorogood & Roy Rogers
  9. Six Page Letter
  10. Stop Jivin' Me - featuring George Thorogood
  11. Mean Mean World - featuring Zakiya Hooker & Bluz 4 U
  12. Turn Over A New Leaf - featuring Bluz 4 U
  13. Wednesday Evening Blues - featuring George Thorogood
  14. Boogie Chillen' - featuring George Thorogood
  15. Rock Those Blues Away



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