The Johnny Winter Story

Jerry Lacroix

Jerry Lacroix aka Jerry (Count) Jackson

Jerry Lacroix worked a lot more with Edgar Winter then with Johnny Winter. Nevertheles Johnny Winter played with Jerry Lacroixon one of his first records: The Second Coming as well as on the single produced with Jerry's band: Jerry (Count) Jackon and the Domino's


The Second coming aka Mean Ole World - 1974

This LP was released in 1974 on the Mercury Label: SRM-1-701

  1. Mean Ole World
  2. Are you lonely for me Baby
  3. You Girl
  4. The Die has Been cast with Johnny Winter
  5. Genesis
  6. She does it to me
  7. Funny Boy with Johnny Winter on Slide Guitar
  8. Drinkin' Daddy's Wine
  9. Silent is the Night
  10. You'll always be mine

 Singles Jerry LaCroix recorded together with Johnny Winter

Record Company Number Song titles Remarks
Tear Drop
Jerry (Count) Jackson

Jerry (Count) Jackson

3001 The Band Doll / Where Can You Be Jerry Lacroix with Johnny Winter on Lead Guitar
Song titles Remarks
Come Back Baby (Winter-Reeder-Lacroix) / Falling in Love (Johnny Watson) Johnny Winter's with Jerry "Count" jackson (Jerry Lacroix), produced and arranged by Edgar Winter, Beau-Tex Conrad pub. Originally released by Ken Ritter on Frolic and late re-issued on VeeJay



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