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Edgar Winter - The Blues Comes Twice 1970's ACS 23 (Pittsburgh)

The Blues Comes Twice

Sound Quality: excellent, from radio. Listed only as Pittisburg 1974. Johnny plays only 3 songs. Every song fade in. Killer versions.


    Johnny Winter Tracks:
  • Bad Luck Situation
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Edgar Winter Tracks:
  • Keep Playing That Rock 'N Roll
  • Frankenstein
  • Tabacco Road
  • Free Ride
  • Rock 'N Roll Boogie Woogie Blues

Edgar Winter's White Trash (introducing Jerry Lacroix) - 1971 (*)

Edgar Winter's White Trash

Original Release Date: 1971
Musicians: Johnny Winter; Ray Barretto; Rick Derringer
Engineer: Pete Weiss Producer: Rick Derringer

1. Give It Everything You Got
2. Fly Away
3. Where Would I Be
4. Let's Get It On
5. I've Got News For You
6. Save The Planet
7. Dying To Live
8. Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll
9. You Were My Light
10. Good Morning Music


Edgar Winter's White Trash Roadwork - 1972 (*)

Edgar Winter Roadwork

Rock and Roll, hoochie koo - Johnny Winter (lead vocals, guitar),
Rick Derringer (guitar),
Edgar Winter (piano),
Randy Hobbs (bass),
Bobby Ramirez (drums).

Edgar Winter's White Trash - Nov 1979 Entrance

Edgar Winter Entrance


Original Release Date: 1970
Musicians: Johnny Winter
Engineer: Roy Segal; Stu Romain
Producer: Edgar Winter

1. Winter's Dream: Entrance
2. Where Have You Gone
3. Rise to Fall
4. Fire and Ice
5. Hung Up
6. Back In The Blues
7. Re-Entrance
8. Tobacco Road
9. Jump Right Out
10. Peace Pipe
11. A Different Game
12. Jimmy's Gospel

Edgar Winter - Outstanding brothers 1974 Boston 1983 OTR 65503/4 Ontario 1974 /

Johnny Winter Outstanding Brothers

Johnny Winter OutstandingBrothers

Johnny Winter Outstanding Brothers

"Outstanding brothers is a repackaging of "The Blues comes twice".

Tabacco Road Pittsburgh 75 & New Haven 88 RRC RRC 05

Edgar and Johnny Winter Tabacco Road

Edgar and Johnny Winter Tabacco Road

"Tobacco Road" is the same as "The Blues Comes Twice" plus the rock'n'roll medley in the "Rock'n'Roll, Hoochie Koo" ( Lost Rose Records)

Jasmine Nightdreams - 1975 (*)

1. One Day Tomorrow
2. Little Brother
3. Hello Mellow Feelin'
4. Tell Me A Whisper
5. Shuffle-Low
6. Keep On Burnin'
7. How Do Like Your Love
8. I Always Wanted You
9. Outa Control
10. All Out
11. Sky Train
12. Solar Strut

Real Deal - 1996 Intersound

Edgar Winter Real Deal

Winter Blues

Edgar Winter Winter Blues

1. Good Ol' Shoe Winter 3:26 - On this track Johnny performs some excellent slide work!!
2. Nu'Orlins Winter 5:04
3. Texas Winter 3:43
4. New Millennium Winter 4:05
5. On The Tip Of My Tongue Winter 4:18
6. White Man's Blues Derringer/Winter 5:34
7. They Only Come Out At Night Sullivan/Winter 4:28
8. It's Only Money Winter 3:36
9. Show Your Love Winter 3:50
10. You Are My Song Coumo/Winter 4:02

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