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Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers Band


Allman Brothers Band - Welcome to Hollywood (Archivio ARC 025)

Very good audience recording from Hollywood Bowl Sunday, 6 August 1972. Johnny play the encore with Allman Brothers Band, which includes: "Johnny B.Goode" and "Dust My BroomJohnny Winter Allman Brothers Band Welcome to Hollywood".


  • Statesboro Blues
  • Done Somebody Wrong
  • One Way Out
  • Stormy Monday
  • You Don't Love Me
  • Trouble No More
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
  • Whipping Post
  • Johnny B. Goode - Allman Brothers Band with Johnny Winter
  • Jam Allman Brothers Band withJohnny Winter


A quote from "Midnight Riders - The Story of the Allman Brothers Band." (page 32) : "In early January of 1969, Duane and Jimmy Johnson went to the Fillmore East theater for a B.B. King concert. Guitarist Johnny Winter was the opening act. "Johnny Winter is really good, but I can cut him," Duane told Jimmy during the concert. "Do you see that stage down there? Next year by this time, man, I'm going to be down there."


Atlanta International Pop Festival

Johnny Winter Allman Brothers Mountain Jam
Johnny Winter Allman Brothers Mountain Jam 

Just as the Allman Brothersbreak into Mountain Jam, out pops Johnny and is he wired or what. I can not really describe to you how he picked that show up.

Live Atlanta Intn'l Pop Festival: July 3 & 5 1970 [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]

Two CD set released 21 Oct 2003


"Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival -- Friday 3 July 3 till Sunday 5 July, 1970" collects two performances by the then-new group, opening and closing the second annual Atlanta International Pop Festival.

The Allman Brothers Band, hailing from nearby Macon, Ga., had only released its self-titled Capricorn/Atlantic debut at the time, and its seminal live album "Live at Fillmore East" was not to be recorded for eight more months. The lineup at the time featured the late Duane Allman on slide guitar, keyboardist Gregg Allman, guitarist Dickey Betts, bassist Berry Oakley, drummers Butch Trucks and J. Johnny Johnson and harmonica player Thom Doucette.

The release features two discs of previously unreleased performances, including takes on "Statesboro Blues," "One Way Out," "Dreams," "Whipping Post" and "Mountain Jam." Johnny Winter joins in as a special guest on the July 5, 1970, version of the latter.

At the Atlanta shows, the band played a host of material that at the time had not been released, including a number of songs from "Idlewild South," which would be issued later that year.

CD One:

  1. Introduction
  2. Statesboro Blues
  3. Trouble No More
  4. Don'g Keep Me Wonderin'
  5. Dreams
  6. Every Hungry Woman
  7. Hoochie Coochie Man
  8. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
  9. Whipping Post
  10. Mountain Jam Part 1
  11. Rain Delay
  12. Mountain Jam Part II

CD Two

  1. Introduction
  2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
  3. Statesboro Blues
  4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
  5. Stormy Monday
  6. Whipping Post
  7. Mountain Jam - Johnny Winter joins the Allman Brothers Band on this song for a jam

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