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Tin House

Tin House

Tin House was the band of Floyd Radford before Floyd played with Edgar Winter's White Trash and Johnny Winter's Band . Tin House and Johnny Winter performed in October 1970 at Bill Graham's Fillmore East in New York

In 2006 the "Tin House" band re-united to perform at the Orlando Reunion Concert


Tin House Band:

  • Floyd Radford - Guitar and Vocals
  • Jeff Cole - Bass and Lead Vocals
  • Mike Logan - Drums, kettles, congas, trashcans and vocals


Tin House Floyd Radford

Tin House, produced by Rick Derringer on EPIC E-30511

  1. I want your body
  2. 30 Weight Blues
  3. Be good and be kind
  4. You've gone too far
  5. Silver Star
  6. Personal Gain
  7. Jezebel, give me your lovin'
  8. Tomorrow
  9. Endamus Finallamus
  10. Lady of the silent opera

Thanks to:
Steve Paul for everything
Larry Cohn for our first giant step
Edgar Winter for his quickie organ on "You've gone too far"
and strings on "Lady of the Silent Opera"
Rick Derringer for his honky-tonk piano on "30 weight Blues"
Alan and Fluff for their ooa-la-las
Johnny Winter for being a great neighbor
Don Atwell: Road Manager
Jim Riegel: Roadie
Dana Jenkins: Roadie
Very special thanks to Bruce Behrens for getting our hearts together

Note: the reference to Johnny Winter being a good neighbor and Floyd Radford told that they all used to live in a place in town in New York, Staatsburg called The Quadrangle. It was like 4 buildings (houses, etc.) in the same area with a common central backyard so to speak. They lived there and also practiced there. Tin House toured with them then so they just sort of lived near them at the time too.

Jeff remembers: In 1969 I was living in an upstate New York town called Rhinebeck. I was 14 and playing in a local band call Subterranean Circus. We had gotten word that an up and coming blues player named Johnny Winter had just moved into Staatsburg, a neighboring town. As bold as we were, we went down to the mansion that they were believed to be staying at (The Quadrangle). When we first started going there, Johnny Winter was never around, but another band that Steve Paul was managing at the time was. This band was called Tin House and the 3 members, Floyd Radford, Jeff Cole, Mike Logan and their roadie Dana Jenkins were very friendly and welcomed us into their home on many occasions. We became close friends. We were able to sit in on some of Johnny's and Tin House rehearsals and hang out and have a good time.

At one point our band in an effort to raise some dough for equipment, asked Tin House if they would play at our local town hall in Rhinebeck for a concert. They agreed to do it for $150 if we moved their equipment or $175 if they had to move it. We opted for the $150. We printed tickets, arranged for a couple of pick up trucks, and the rest is local legend history. In the audience that nite was Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer and some of Johnny's band. This was VERY exciting for a couple of junior high school kids to be able to pull this off. In an email from Floyd Radford in 2002, he mentioned to me that Rick Derringer's line in Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo about a band playing a the the old town hall may have been taken from that event.

Tin House was indeed very progressive for the times and way before their time. I listed to their 1 album a million times learning each of Floyd's riffs note for note. They were a tremendous influence on my earlier guitar playing as was Johnny Winter. I miss them all very much as do I miss that very special time in my life. I know that Dana Jenkins passed away a long time ago and I was very sad to hear that. He was such a nice guy.

Friday 2-3 Oct 1970 Fillmore East (And)

Johnny Winter and Tin House at the Fillmore East, New York

Orlando Reunion Concert - Saturday 16 September 2006 Location: Bahia Shriners Auditorium 2300 Pembrook Drive Orlando


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